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  • Drive Technology for Laboratory Automation.

    There is no drive challenge that can't be solved.   Benefit from our expertise in control solutions for state-of-the-art drive technology in devices, machinery and systems. With our products, complex challenges like highly dynamic…
    Literature / Brochures Released on 02.24.2020

  • Everything under control. With maxon controllers.

    Perfectly positioned   We have the suitable motion control solution for your drive system: standard or customized – the choice is yours.   As your partner for complete drive systems, we also have decades of experien…
    Literature / Brochures Released on 02.17.2020

  • Drive systems for robotics. High torque, compact and efficient.

    What makes a robot unique?   Drive solutions from 0.0002 to 120 Nm   The industrial environment is becoming faster, more precise – and safer. This places tough demands on machinery.   → Utmost prec…
    Literature / Brochures Released on 02.10.2020

  • Drive systems for medical technology. Reliability when it matters most.

    Founded in Switzerland. Available worldwide.   maxon – a strong global brand   maxon, with headquarters in Sachseln/Central Switzerland, has production sites in Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, South Korea, USA, Franc…
    Literature / Brochures Released on 02.03.2020

  • When is a Standard not a Standard?

    maxon motor has become well known in the small precision drive market for its large catalogue of standard products. However, most people will not be aware that around 80% of product supplied worldwide is modified in some way or another. DOWNLOAD T…
    Case Studies Released on 08.07.2019

  • Reliability is Everything

    Medical technology is a key market for maxon. Many of our drives are used in insulin pumps. What exactly do our motors do in these devices? To find out, we went to visit Ypsomed, a leading manufacturer of insulin pumps. DOWNLOAD TO LEARN MORE>&…
    Case Studies Released on 08.07.2019

  • A Different Kind of Superhero

    Bionicman is a different kind of superhero. His futuristic prosthetic hand lends him superhuman powers. He uses these powers to give children with disabilities more confidence—and cool, 3D-printed hands. DOWNLOAD TO LEARN MORE>>>>…
    Case Studies Released on 08.07.2019

  • A Greek exoskeleton for Cybathlon

    Robotic devices for clinical rehabilitation of patients with neurological impairments come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and employ different kinds of actuators. DOWNLOAD TO LEARN MORE >>>>…
    Case Studies Released on 08.07.2019

  • The Bionic Glove

    A stroke, an accident — and suddenly your hand no longer works as it should. A novel product by two medical technicians promises help.
    Case Studies Released on 08.07.2019

  • A Spotless Room

    Medical technology has no tolerance for error. This is why maxon micromotors are made in certified cleanrooms. This kind of special facility takes significant effort to build. DOWNLOAD TO LEARN MORE >>>>…
    Case Studies Released on 08.07.2019

  • A Fossil as a Friend

    Making a legged robot walk is not as simple as it looks. Coordinating the motion of all its joints to achieve smooth motions, close to those of real animals, requires advanced engineering and careful observation of moving animals. But what if we don&…
    Case Studies Released on 08.07.2019

  • A Robot Inspired by Worms

    From a degree thesis to a start-up: Five young engineers want to take a sewer rehabilitation robot to the market—with a new approach, inspired by nature.
    Case Studies Released on 08.07.2019

  • Precision Drive Systems

    At maxon, we develop and build high precision electric drive systems that are among the best in the world.
    Videos Released on 08.06.2019

  • Roboy brought to life.

    Roboy has a bright future as he represents a completely new generation of robots.
    Case Studies Released on 03.12.2019

  • The Perfect Maxon Motor Size

    Selection of "motor size" based on load torque and speed
    Videos Released on 01.04.2019

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