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MPO editors provide feedback and perspective on industry issues, market trends, issue themes and much more.

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Business Best Practices
It takes a lot of different skills to run a business, and medtech organizations come with their own challenges. Find out industry experts are thinking to help you provide a solid baseline for the most effective management practices, including sales and marketing, financial guidance and HR issues.

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Design and R&D
It all starts here. Learn how design experts and product development leaders tackle the medtech innovation equation.

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In an increasingly shrinking word, international market expertise is critical. Get news, updates and learn from industry professionals who have mastered business across borders.

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IT & Software
Information technology and connectivity are reshaping the medical device landscape. Check out these columns for must-have insight from IT pros.

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Manufacturing & Supply Chain
In this category, experts tackle a range of issues, providing don't-miss how-tos and perspectives on how to get the most out of your manufacturing and supply chain processes.

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Risk, Quality, Regulatory & Legal
There's no way around it; medtech is one of the most highly regulated global industries. Thought-leader advice in a variety of specialties—patents, reimbursement, the FDA and quality assurance, to name a few—helps you stay ahead of in-depth legal and regulatory issues.

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