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    The Way Ahead for Outsourcing R&D

    The Way Ahead for Outsourcing R&D

    The overwhelming consensus of the medtech community is that innovation is the lifeblood of the industry. Without it, company revenues stagnate, healthcare quality and efficiency plateaus, and new challenges go unmet. It is vital for medical device co…
    Sean Fenske, Editor 09.01.17

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    Hire a Hacker

    Hire a Hacker

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has brought an array of connected technologies that offer a bevy of benefits. From the seemingly superficial, such as a refrigerator that automatically tracks its contents and updates your grocery list appropriately, to t…
    Sean Fenske, Editor 06.06.17

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    Crowdfunding for Medtech

    Crowdfunding for Medtech

    Most everyone has the dream of coming up with the million dollar idea that will make them rich, allowing them to leave their job and move to a Caribbean island. Unfortunately, having the dream is significantly easier than generating the idea. On the…
    Sean Fenske, Editor 04.06.16

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    Success Factors

    How is success measured? How’s that for a broad topic for discussion? Let’s narrow it down a bit. How is success in business evaluated? A little more focused, but still a wide-open question. Is it by profit? That’s certainly one eas…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 07.29.15

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    Reducing Post-Op Pain—A Device Opportunity?

    We’re accustomed to clinical information, studies and patient data compiled by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons that often serve to guide manufacturers’ decision making about product design, regulatory compliance issues or mar…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 06.02.15

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    An Agenda for Innovation

    At the beginning of the year, the powers that be at the Washington, D.C.-based Advanced Medical Technology Association (commonly called AdvaMed)—the medical device industry’s largest advocacy group—invite medtech reporters to the gr…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 03.11.15

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    The Continued Promise of Medtech Outsourcing

    As we begin 2015, MPO’s 12th year as a matter of fact, it would be nice—just as it would be upon stepping into any of life’s unknowns—to have even just a small glimpse into what’s to come so we can best prepare for our 3…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 02.06.15

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    Achieving Together

    When you think about medical technology product development or manufacturing, many things come to mind—science, patients (and patience), skill, knowledge, talent, quality, speed, cost, in addition to countless others. Pick your favorites. Where…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 09.11.14

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    Keeping the Innovation Pipeline Flowing

    It’s that time of year again—MPO’s annual compilation and review of the medical device industry’s leading companies. As expected, there are the usual mergers, acquisitions, up-sizings and downsizings, legal tussles, management…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director, Medical Devices 07.22.14

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    The Road Not Taken

    Getting a medical device from a napkin sketch to the operating room, examination room, or patient bedside isn’t always (seldom is, in fact) a high-speed, straight-line journey—particularly for a first-time entrepreneur or a doctor with a…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 06.10.14

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    Charting Patient Preference: Just Ask

    As consumers, we’re used to providing feedback about everyday products and services. How did you like your stay at XYZ hotel? Would you take a minute to fill out a brief survey about your new smartphone app? If you don’t ask, you don&rsqu…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 05.14.14

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    I Am a Part of All That I Have Met

    Broadcast journalist David Brinkley said: “A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.” There’s usually no success without a little failure first. And an individual’s achiev…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 09.10.13

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    OMG. The FDA Wants You to be its BFF

    Have a problem with your medical device? There’s an app for that. Well, at least there will be. With the swipe of a thumb and a few swift stabs at your smartphone, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wants to hear from you. Hmm, let&r…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 05.13.13

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    Routine Improvement

    Routine Improvement The medical device industry’s continual improvement starts with familiar processes and procedures wrought over time.  After almost seven years of planning, writing and editing each edition of Medical Product Outs…

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    How Dependent Are We on Foreign Sourcing?

    More than a few lines of copy on this page over the past six years have been dedicated to an examination of the differences between outsourcing and offshoring. A recent study by the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) attempted to determine just how de…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director, Medical Devices 06.11.12

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    How Dependent Are We on Foreign Sourcing?

    A recent study by the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) attempted to determine just how dependent U.S.-based manufacturers have become on a foreign supply base—not just for an analysis of industry trends but from a national security point of vi…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director, Medical Devices 06.06.12

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    Still a Recipe for Success

    Ask about the topic of outsourcing and opinions vary widely. Is component manufacturing stronger than full product? What about the non-stop talk about the one-stop shop? How are suppliers helping their customers control cost? How do supplier pa…
    Christopher Delporte 05.10.12

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    Smart Enough to Know What We Don’t

    It’s easy to take some of today’s medical technology for granted. How many people do you know who have benefitted from a medical device? More than you realize, I’d bet. From instruments to implants, medical devices are saving and…
    Christopher Delporte 03.12.12

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    The Source of Innovation?

    Where does innovation come from? Dare I be so trite as to say that necessity is the mother of invention? Nah. That’s too simple. It’s part of the equation, but just one of many variables. I write about innovation a lot on this page. The r…
    Christopher Delporte 11.02.11

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    Faster Forward

    My maternal grandmother used to say that the older you get, the faster time passes. I didn’t believe it as a child, but I increasingly feel as if I might be able to relate—particularly when it involves following medical device industry…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director, Medical Devices 10.12.11