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    The Evolution of Outsourcing

    The Evolution of Outsourcing

    According to Grand View Research, the global medical device outsourcing market was valued at $94.2 billion last year and is anticipated to grow at a very healthy 10.5 percent CAGR through 2026. That analysis includes contract manufacturing, regulator…
    Sean Fenske, Editor-in-Chief 05.01.19

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    Tweeting About Clinical Trials

    Tweeting About Clinical Trials

    Social media is no longer a “shiny, new toy,” but an established communication vehicle that industries can use effectively for a variety of purposes. While we in the publishing industry utilize it to promote articles, breaking news, or an…
    Sean Fenske, Editor 06.09.16

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    Medtech Innovations Originating in…Utah?

    Medtech Innovations Originating in…Utah?

    The medical device industry has prominent regional hubs where the sector recognizes an area as a “hot spot” for development and manufacturing. Massachusetts, southern California, and Minnesota are arguably three of the most notable in the…
    Sean Fenske, Editor 05.06.16

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    Looking Ahead

    Some years are more transformative than others. In all likelihood, 2015 will be remembered as one of the most metamorphic in recent memory. At least in the medical device sector. As the year draws quickly to a close, industry pundits, consultants a…

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    Success Factors

    How is success measured? How’s that for a broad topic for discussion? Let’s narrow it down a bit. How is success in business evaluated? A little more focused, but still a wide-open question. Is it by profit? That’s certainly one eas…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 07.29.15

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    Reducing Post-Op Pain—A Device Opportunity?

    We’re accustomed to clinical information, studies and patient data compiled by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons that often serve to guide manufacturers’ decision making about product design, regulatory compliance issues or mar…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 06.02.15

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    Medtech Firms in Asia Have New Muscle

    When medical device companies look for new areas of market growth, most heads turn eastward. It’s no surprise to any reader of Medical Product Outsourcing that the Asia-Pacific region is poised to provide increasing opportunity to medical techn…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 05.06.15

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    The Interwebs of Stuff

    Whether we realize it or not, we’re surrounded and impacted on a constant basis by the “Internet of Things” (IoT)—a network of physical objects—everything from sidewalks to pacemakers—embedded with electronics, sof…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 04.08.15

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    The Continued Promise of Medtech Outsourcing

    As we begin 2015, MPO’s 12th year as a matter of fact, it would be nice—just as it would be upon stepping into any of life’s unknowns—to have even just a small glimpse into what’s to come so we can best prepare for our 3…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 02.06.15

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    Creating Jobs & Innovation: What a Concept

    The annual salary survey (page 74) in this issue of MPO is always an interesting exercise. It’s an opportunity not just to hear what readers are thinking about their professions, but also about what excites and makes them nervous about the curr…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 10.09.14

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    Achieving Together

    When you think about medical technology product development or manufacturing, many things come to mind—science, patients (and patience), skill, knowledge, talent, quality, speed, cost, in addition to countless others. Pick your favorites. Where…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 09.11.14

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    Charting Patient Preference: Just Ask

    As consumers, we’re used to providing feedback about everyday products and services. How did you like your stay at XYZ hotel? Would you take a minute to fill out a brief survey about your new smartphone app? If you don’t ask, you don&rsqu…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 05.14.14

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    The Sleeping Giant

    In the not-so-distant past, many medical device companies saw China as a panacea—the end-all and be-all low-cost production solution to increasingly expensive labor and manufacturing in the United States and Europe. Well, the euphoria didn…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 04.08.14

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    Pardon the Disruption

    Much like the medical device companies we follow, Medical Product Outsourcing continually searches for meaningful market intelligence about the road ahead. We look for the business, technology and regulatory forces shaping the sector’s progress…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 03.13.14

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    Too Connected? No Such Thing

    Most mornings begin (after hitting snooze a few times on my phone) with a heavy-footed, squinty-eyed saunter into the kitchen for (as Dolly Parton sang about) a cup of ambition. While I drink my mornin’ cup of Joe and listen to the background n…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 02.14.14

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    I Am a Part of All That I Have Met

    Broadcast journalist David Brinkley said: “A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.” There’s usually no success without a little failure first. And an individual’s achiev…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 09.10.13

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    From Time to Time, a Little Perspective

    Not too long ago, while cleaning up shelves in my office at home, I picked up a book purchased the year I graduated from college. It was a collection of short stories titled “Trying to Save Piggy Snead” by John Irving (famous for his book…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 07.31.13

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    MPO at 10

    During my undergraduate years as a journalism student, I had a professor who would tell her students (beat it into our psyches, really): “Be accurate. Be impartial. Do your research. Put things in context. Most of all, never be the news. Y…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 06.14.13

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    Routine Improvement

    Routine Improvement The medical device industry’s continual improvement starts with familiar processes and procedures wrought over time.  After almost seven years of planning, writing and editing each edition of Medical Product Outs…

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    To New Beginnings

    And so another year begins. The cycle of renewed hopes and expectations starts again. It’s amazing how a blip on the calendar gives us the perceived opportunity to wipe the figurative slate clean and start over—a chance to improve or chan…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director, Medical Devices 02.04.13