3. GE Healthcare

3. GE Healthcare

Highlights from the number three spot holder of MPO's Top 30 Global Medical Device Companies report.

By Sean Fenske, Editor-in-Chief09.11.19
Some had thought it possible that by the time this report on the GE Healthcare unit was being read, the firm would have been spun out as its own, standalone company. As it turns out, that timeline may have been anticipated a little prematurely. Due to several factors, GE Healthcare—to date—still remains a part of its conglomerate parent company, although no longer in its entirety as it was constructed at the start of 2018.
In late June 2018, it was announced by then-GE CEO John Flannery that GE Healthcare would be launched from the mothership to fend for itself as an independent entity. The unit’s split made sense from the standpoint—it was financially strong, provided an array of products, and would potentially thrive as a business with a single focus, catering exclusively to the technology needs of medicine. At the same time, GE would generate cash from the disposition of 20 percent of its interest in the firm to help reduce debt, while providing the remaining 80 percent to the parent company’s shareholders.
For more information about GE Healthcare, check out the company’s full Top 30 report here!
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