6. BD

6. BD

Highlights from the number six spot holder of MPO's Top 30 Global Medical Device Companies report.

By Sam Brusco, Associate Editor09.11.19
Perhaps the most exciting medtech M&A news last year was that there wasn’t any. The industry had recently grown accustomed to nearly annual blockbuster deals—Zimmer and Biomet merged in 2014, with Medtronic and Covidien close on their heels; Abbott and St. Jude married in 2016; and right in MPO’s backyard, Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) and C.R. Bard (Bard) formed their union in 2017. Although there were several small- to mid-sized deals keeping analysts’ interest up last year, they all lacked the gravity of the megamergers of recent years that were fast becoming a trend.
“…we are now seeing a new class of what I like to call ‘Super OEMs’—Medtronic, Abbott, and now BD. That’s a list that will continue to grow,” Mark Bonifacio, founder and president of Bonifacio Consulting Services, told MPO when the BD-Bard deal was announced.
For more information about BD, check out the company’s full Top 30 report here!
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