1. Medtronic

1. Medtronic

Highlights from the leader of MPO's Top 30 Global Medical Device Companies report.

By Sam Brusco, Associate Editor09.11.19
Eight-year-old Earl Bakken’s fascination with Frankenstein would eventually change the world.
In the early 1930s, Bakken and his friends frequented Columbia Heights, Minn.’s Heights Theater to catch Saturday matinees. Young Bakken found himself captivated by Colin Clive’s performance as Dr. Frankenstein—he was particularly enamored by the possibility of restoring life.
“What intrigued me the most, as I sat through the movie again and again,” Bakken recalled in a memorial issued by Medtronic, “was the creative spark of Dr. Frankenstein’s electricity. Through the power of his wildly flashing laboratory apparatus, the doctor restored life to the un-living.”
Young Bakken’s creative spark flourished throughout his childhood. By nine, he had built a phone system stretching across his street to a friend’s house. Other childhood inventions included a radio fashioned from a crystal set and a five-foot-tall blinking, speaking robot.
For more information about the late founder of Medtronic and the company’s full Top 30 report, click here!
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