MedTech Memoirs: Artificial Limbs

MedTech Memoirs: Artificial Limbs

Associate editor Sam Brusco discusses the fascinating and somewhat gruesome history of artificial limbs.

By Sam Brusco, Associate Editor04.30.18
Humans have been inventing ways to replace lost limbs for centuries. From an Ancient Egyptian functional prosthetic toe made of leather and thread to a set of metal arms designed by a Union soldier to replace those he had lost in battle, prosthetic limbs used throughout history are both intriguing and slightly disturbing to see. 

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Cairo toe images courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, Matjaž Kačičnik/University of Basel. 16th century prosthetic images courtesy of, Museo Galileo. Civil War images courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, Cowan's Auctions. Modern prosthetic video clips courtesy of Rice University, Georgia Tech, University of Manchester.

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