Super Bug MRSA Stands No Chance Against Copper

Super Bug MRSA Stands No Chance Against Copper

In super bug-fighting duel, copper wipes out 10 million MRSA units while the bug thrives on stainless steel.

By Business Wire04.20.17

In the category of “seeing is believing,” CuVerro pitted antimicrobial copper against stainless steel in a side-by-side MRSA-fighting duel. MRSA is an antibiotic-resistant strain of bacteria that the Center for Disease Control believes infects 80,000 hospital patients each year and kills more than 11,000.
The video is a composite of tests staged in a laboratory at the University of Southampton in England where an antimicrobial copper surface demonstrates its dominance over the super bug MRSA, virtually wiping out 10 million units of the harmful bacteria in minutes. Meanwhile, on stainless, the bug lives on to infect another day.
CuVerro antimicrobial copper alloys are natural enemies of super bugs and bacteria in general. Research conducted in government and university labs here and abroad show that copper kills 99.9 percent of harmful bacteria like MRSA within two hours of contact. CuVerro is the first copper brand to be registered as a germ-fighter by the EPA.
As a result, CuVerro is gaining favor among infection control professionals eager to reduce surface bacteria in the health and fitness industries. Over 300 facilities in the U.S. are using copper sinks, incubators, bed rails, light switch covers, IV poles, dumbbells, etc. to help fight the spread of deadly germs.
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