Wireless, Handheld Ultrasound for iOS and Android Debuts

Wireless, Handheld Ultrasound for iOS and Android Debuts

Mobile scanner works with mobile app, giving physicians the freedom to perform ultrasound exams anywhere, anytime.

By PRNewswire03.18.16

Clarius Mobile Health is showcasing the world's first handheld ultrasound scanner with a mobile application for iOS and Android smart devices at the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine Conference in New York March 18-21, 2016.
"Physicians have been asking for a portable ultrasound system that works with their iPhone for some time," said Laurent Pelissier, chairman and CEO of Clarius Mobile Health. "The challenge has been to make an affordable device that is small enough to carry around and that also produces great images. I'm happy to say we've succeeded in creating a product that will enable more clinicians to use ultrasound anywhere to improve patient care. It's as easy to use as a mobile phone camera."
The Clarius ultrasound scanner is wireless and works with a mobile app that is compatible with most iOS and Android smart devices. With automated adjustments and an intuitive interface, the personal ultrasound device is designed to be carried around for quick exams and to guide procedures such as nerve blocks and targeted injections.
Compact ultrasound systems for use at the bedside have become the norm in most hospitals and many private clinics. But with costs ranging from $25,000 to $70,000 for a high quality system, price has been a barrier for more widespread adoption. Pending regulatory clearance from the FDA, CE, and Health Canada, Clarius Mobile Health will offer several mobile scanners for the price of a single traditional compact system.
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