The Bleeding Edge, Part 2—Mike on Medtech

The Bleeding Edge, Part 2—Mike on Medtech

The discussion over the controversial Netflix documentary continues between Sean Fenske and Mike Drues in this episode.

By Sean Fenske, Editor-in-Chief09.07.18
In this episode of Mike on Medtech with Mike Drues, president of Vascular Sciences, we continue a discussion that will span several parts. The conversation is centered around the recently released Netflix documentary, The Bleeding Edge. The documentary presents harsh criticism of the industry in terms of how devices are approved and what is done when problems arise. We highlight a good number of points brought up in the documentary and analyze whether each is a fair criticism or not. Discussion topics in this part include:

  • Alleged recommendation by FDA for the da Vinci Surgical System to be submitted as a 510(k) rather than as a PMA as originally submitted by Intuitive Surgical.
  • Clinical trials for drugs compared to those for medical devices
  • Footage of the Essure review meeting and comments made during the meeting
  • The MAUDE event reporting system

Before listening to the podcast, it would be best to view the documentary via Netflix. Also, if you haven't listened to part 1 of this discussion, click here to do so.

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