The Digital Patient File is Coming

The Digital Patient File is Coming

Digital patient files and a prescription app prove that the field of healthcare digitization is growing.

By Mhoch411.25.19
According to an international study by Bertelsmann, Germany ranks second to last when it comes to digital health care. But it seems that the market is slowly starting to move thanks to a number of new regulations and laws. This means the digital patient file is a done deal and the prescription app is also coming. But data privacy should not be neglected.

The digital patient file has actually been around for quite some time now. For years, both software and hardware solutions have been presented at the trade fair Medica. Just like other digital solutions; for example healthcare apps or so-called wearables. On Nov. 7, the German Bundestag approved the Digital Supply Act, which aims to make apps available by prescription and facilitate digital consultations. Doctors and hospitals are saying: at last.
Dr. Weber: "We do not have online access. And we have to get it as soon as possible so that we can be connected via interfaces and have access when we need it. Only if the patient agrees, of course."
It is still unclear who will also have access to the available patient data online. For example, scientists could be able to gain access to the data of the approximately 73 million publicly insured patients for research purposes. Data privacy advocates are alarmed, industry representatives are trying to be reassuring.
Bursig: "Data theft cannot be ruled out, but I don’t perceive it as a key risk at the moment. But we do need a clear definition: what exactly can I do with this data and what can I use it for outside of actual medical care?"
So, political solutions must be found. However, the electronic patient file will be coming in January of 2021. Again, improvements are already being planned. By the beginning of 2022, usage rights will be specified once again.
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