5. Philips

5. Philips

Highlights from the number five spot holder of MPO's Top 30 Global Medical Device Companies report.

By Michael Barbella, Managing Editor09.11.19
There’s nothing particularly remarkable about the MRI machine inside the University of Lubeck’s Gross Gronau Radiology Clinic. With its long, cylindrical tube, large circular magnet, and mobile exam table, the unit looks like any other system currently in use.
And for the most part, it is like any other system—namely, older systems. The Clinic’s machine actually is a refurbished model from Royal Philips N.V. that uses a recycled 3000-kilo magnet to significantly cut energy consumption (by half compared to similar systems).
“Philips was able to offer an attractive alternative,” Dr. Claudia Bergmann-Koster, a Clinic radiologist, said in promotional material on Philips’ website. “We were able to get a state-of-the-art [MRI] machine with premium performance at a price that did not exceed our budget.”
For more information about Philips, check out the company’s full Top 30 report here!
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