Medtech Supplier Addresses Tech Training Needs

Medtech Supplier Addresses Tech Training Needs

GW Plastics’ School of Tech exposes local high school students to advanced manufacturing.

By GW Plastics02.13.17

In response to a growing national skilled labor shortage, GW Plastics is offering workforce training, career development, and community educational outreach through an innovative high school program. The GW Plastics’ School of Tech program offers local high school students the opportunity to enroll in a semester-long for-credit course that exposes them to the world of advanced manufacturing.
Local students are bused to the company’s state-of-the-art facilities three times each week and taught by tooling, automation, and molding professionals. The class begins with basic business and manufacturing exposure and then progresses through the entire manufacturing process, including material selection, pricing, mold design, mold making, injection molding, and quality.
The program includes actual interaction with advanced machine tools, molding machines, and other technologies instead of just classroom instruction. In addition, students also spend time at a local hospital to see healthcare products used in real life and learn about the ramifications if a device is not manufactured to the highest level of quality. The holistic program makes students think in a more sustainable and global manner, ultimately creating experienced and knowledgeable young professionals.
The School of Tech has grown in popularity each semester, and the most recent semester took the program a step further by not only studying manufacturing techniques, but also designing, manufacturing, and selling a product at their high school. This real-life process helps the students understand everything from concept through production, including the satisfaction of bringing a product to market.
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