Top 4 Challenges Healthcare Faces with Medical Device Information

Being cognizant of these healthcare issues/solutions may inspire device makers to develop their own solutions.

By Lee Ann McWhorter, Strategic Alliances Director, FDB Prizm 09.08.17
Healthcare professionals face a seemingly impossible number of obstacles in their mission to deliver quality care at affordable prices patients can live with. From rapidly rising pharmaceutical prices to needing to jump through hoops for treatment reimbursement, the task has gotten more and more complex. As such, this slideshow presentation outlines four challenges the industry faces related to medical device information. Being cognizant of these issues and the potential solutions at the healthcare end may inspire device makers to develop their own solutions to these issues so they no longer arrive as a challenge for healthcare professionals. Some may require a greater effort by the industry as a whole, while others could perhaps be improved by individual medtech OEMs.

Lee Ann McWhorter is the strategic alliances director for FDB Prizm, responsible for developing strategic alliances and sales for this medical device knowledge platform. She has more than 18 years' experience working with multiple stakeholders in the hospital supply chain, including GPOs, distributors, manufacturers, and providers. McWhorter’s passion is taking unstructured and undifferentiated data and turning it into actionable knowledge. Connect with Lee Ann via LinkedIn.
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