Humacyte’s Bioengineered Tissue Platform Technology

Humacyte’s Bioengineered Tissue Platform Technology

MPO's Sean Fenske speaks with Dr. Juliana Blum of Humacyte about the company’s regenerative medicine product.

By Sean Fenske, Editor-in-Chief03.08.22
In this episode of Medtech Matters, a podcast focused on the medical device manufacturing industry and the factors impacting it, we speak with Dr. Juliana Blum, Co-founder and Executive Vice President of Corporate Development at Humacyte. She speaks to the technology behind their regenerative solution and how it can be leveraged as a technology platform to fulfill a variety of bioengineered tissue needs. Specifically, the following questions are addressed.

  • What is Humacyte and tell us a bit about your technology?
  • What are the applications for bioengineered tissue?
  • Obviously without giving away trade secrets, can you tell us a bit about how it is fabricated?
  • What were the major challenges that needed to be overcome to develop this?
  • What’s ahead for Humacyte?

Listen to this episode and see what you think of the company’s bioengineered tissue technology platform. If you’d like to share thoughts, ask questions, or suggest a future participant for Medtech Matters, please reach out to me at sfenske@rodmanmedia.com.

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