Health Tech Enterprise Releases Carbon Impact Tool at MEDICA

By Michael Barbella, Managing Editor | 11.14.23

Company can provide carbon footprint evaluation services either stand-alone or as a part of a more detailed appraisal.

Health Tech Enterprise (HTE) is launching a pioneering Net Zero carbon impact modelling tool for healthcare this week at MEDICA, the world's largest medical trade fair.
With healthcare accounting for 5% of world emissions—and an increasing number of countries pledging to deliver sustainable or NetZero carbon care by 2050—there is an ever-growing demand for innovators to show the ways their technology delivers not only cost effective and exceptional healthcare, but also how it helps meet sustainability targets on the road to NetZero Carbon Healthcare. 

“We’re thrilled to be returning to Medica in 2023 and looking forward to being part of this global health technology meeting once again," Health Tech Enterprise CEO Anne Blackwood commented. "The U.K. is a fantastic market for HealthTech innovators to develop, test and launch their new products and we are looking forward to meeting product developers from across the globe and helping them navigate the U.K. and EU markets.”
The Cambridge, U.K.-based company's HealthTech NETZERO service is designed to help medtech companies evaluate the carbon impact of their products.

HTE provides carbon footprint evaluation services either stand-alone or as a part of the Health Technology Assessment Support and Evidence Appraisal. The services include:
  • Quantitative comparison of reduced greenhouse gas emissions and waste between the intervention and comparator, arising from more effective logistics, and reductions in patient travels and unnecessary treatments. Quantitative evidence of carbon footprint reductions is increasingly required to secure NHS-issued funding and grants.
  • Qualitative analysis of potential greenhouse gas emissions savings from the intervention by using the most up-to-date Greener NHS guidelines. It is particularly useful in developing the value proposition of the technology to the key stakeholders.
  • Advice on data collection during clinical trials and statistical post hoc primary data analysis relating to the environmental impact of the technology. The real-world data evidence is crucial to developing a strong case for the technology’s impact on the NHS’s carbon footprint.
The analyses provide a robust evidence base for the environmental impact that supports the value proposition of the innovation. The evaluations can also give insight into what steps should be done to maximise the positive environmental impact of the innovation. This solution provides an opportunity for innovators to assess and communicate the tangible CO2 emission savings achievable through the adoption of their technology, to support carbon reduction targets. It underscores the critical role technology plays in driving the healthcare industry toward a sustainable and NetZero Carbon future.
HTE is a health technology consultancy that works to improve people’s health by collaborating with innovators in the medtech industry, healthcare institutions, and academia to turn innovative ideas into patient-benefitting products. Its advisory services provide the insights, evidence and impact needed to overcome market access barriers and accelerate the adoption of new healthcare technologies. Founded in 2004 by the Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in Cambridge, U.K., the firm's consulting team supports customers at any stage of the product development pathway, from early concept through to market launch. HTE also works with a partner network of more than 20 NHS hospitals, community and mental health providers across England, providing innovation management support for NHS staff and their organizations and connecting them to industry.

MEDICA attendees can assess HTE's NetZero tool this week at its booth at the ABHI UK Pavilion - Hall 16, K48.1 POD 4. MEDICA is taking place through Nov. 16 in Düsseldorf, Germany.