Dow Silicones Corporation Launches New Soft Skin Adhesive at Compamed

By DuPont | 11.13.18

Products are designed for various applications in medical device fabrication, wound care, and transdermal drug delivery.

At Compamed this year, Dow Silicones Corporation launched its new DOW CORNING MG7-1020 Soft Skin Adhesive, which delivers the highest adhesion in the company’s soft skin adhesives all without the skin irritation and discomfort more commonly associated with the removal of acrylic adhesives. Also featured are additional products from this portfolio that offer diverse adhesion levels. Each are two-part, platinum-catalyzed, filler-free silicone elastomers and adhesives, designed for a range of applications in medical device fabrication, wound care, and transdermal drug delivery.
The company also exhibited two pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) for non-sensitizing, non-irritating adherence of medical devices. DOW CORNING MG7-2402 and DOW CORNING MG7-2502 adhesives offer biocompatibility, high adhesion and skin conformity, and extended wear time. These one-part, solvent-based products offer the highest adhesion rate compared to other soft skin adhesives. 

Dow Silicones showed several applications for its QP1 family of liquid silicone rubbers (LSRs) that demonstrate the versatility of these materials in the injection molding process. 
High-performance Thermoplastics
DuPont displayed at Compamed applications that use its Zytel polyamide (PA), Crastin polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) and Delrin polyoxymethylene (POM) engineering thermoplastics. These include applications such as surgical devices and self-administrated drug delivery systems. 
DuPont specialty polymers offer excellent dimensional stability combined with resistance to creep, that make them appropriate for high-load mechanical applications. In addition, grades are available that combine low friction and high wear resistance making them suitable for ratchets and gear mechanisms such as in healthcare delivery devices. 
“On their own, DuPont specialty polymers deliver critical properties required for demanding healthcare device applications,” said Michael Johnson, global R&D director for Healthcare, Lubricants, and Fluids, Dow Silicones Corporation. “When these thermoplastics are combined with Dow silicones elastomers, adhesives and fluids, the benefits to our customers can be exponential. These synergies will be increasingly valuable as designers look for unique combinations of materials to support breakthroughs in monitoring and treatment technologies, such as wearables and wirelessly connected devices.”
“Dow Silicones’ array of silicone-based materials— such as the new soft skin adhesive we launched at Compamed— have been proven safe and beneficial in many different healthcare applications,” said Marie Crane, global medical device leader, Dow Silicones Corporation. “Our continuous innovation in silicone adhesives is enabling development of new wearable devices, while advances in liquid silicone rubber, such as selective adhesion onto resin substrates, opens new design opportunities. In conjunction with DuPont specialty polymers, our joint technologies offer tremendous versatility for device manufacturers.”
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