Nu-Med Plus Monitoring Outcomes on COVID-19 Treatment Trials

By Globe Newswire | 03.25.20

Inhaled nitric oxide has been used in the past as a supportive measure in treating coronavirus-infected patients.

Nu-Med Plus Inc., a medical device company which investigates and develops applications and devices for nitric oxide in the medical field, is closely monitoring two new clinical trials that are testing Nitric Oxide Gas Inhalation Therapy for the treatment of mild/moderate COVID-19. The two new human Phase 2 clinical trials were announced at the beginning of March 2020 and are a collaboration of Xijing Hospital in China and Massachusetts General Hospital. 
In the past, inhaled nitric oxide (iNO) has been used as a supportive measure in treating patients infected with coronavirus (SARS-CoV) and exhibiting associated pulmonary complications. Data on SARS-CoV suggest that iNO could have a similar effect on COVID-19 due to the genomic similarities between the two coronaviruses.

Nu-Med at present is in communications with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about guidance relating to getting several of its products into the market more quickly, as well as in discussions with Veterans Administration about research opportunities relating to the INO technology and COVID-19. Nu-Med is also in discussions with the representatives of the city of Guanghzou, China regarding a project relating to INO and the Coronavirus. 
Nu-Med CEO Jeff Robins said, “Scientists continue to research and recognize the impressive healing power of inhaled nitric oxide to help alleviate a diverse array of global health conditions. While nitric oxide has not been specifically studied or used to treat COVID-19, in-vitro it has demonstrated an inhibitory effect on the replication cycle of SARS-CoV providing a strong basis for the clinical trials.  We are watching the clinical trials closely for positive results in treatment of COVID-19. Our patent pending nitic oxide disposable delivery device may possibly make a difference in helping to combat this disease and others in the future.”
Nitric oxide delivers unique medical benefits, unlike any other inhaled gas. The healing effects of this naturally occurring molecule remained largely a mystery until just a few decades ago. Nitric oxide functions as a signaling molecule helping dilate arteries and speed oxygen delivery to cells. Nitric oxide kills viruses infecting cells, aids in healing wounds, and offers other patient benefits. Nu-Med Plus researchers are currently exploring other new applications for nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is not to be confused with nitrous oxide, known as laughing gas.
In January, Nu-Med announced it had filed a patent for a nitric oxide delivery device that is designed for single or short-term use.
Nitric oxide delivery devices on the market today are large, electronically complex devices that are used primarily in neonatal intensive care units. Nu-Med Plus Inc realized that to extend the utility of nitric oxide delivery to a wider range of patients that could benefit from the therapy that another form factor was needed. The result was a simple mechanical device that delivers the appropriate dose of nitric oxide gas per inhalation to the patient. It is handheld with no electronics and a variable nitric oxide dose. Dr. Craig Morrison, a member of the medical supervisory board of Nu-Med, remarked, “It’s a very simple device; it is used like an inhaler. One use that comes to mind is altitude sickness when the user could carry a small disposable unit to use until they could be transported to a lower altitude. Remote areas and rural areas without electrical power, patients being transferred by ambulance, patients being transported for chronic routine treatments and patients in developing countries without access to electric power are generally groups which would need disposable delivery sources of nitric oxide therapy. This could be a real game changer.”
With this new device, Nu-Med Plus will in the future seek enrollment in further studies to investigate its efficacy. Nu-Med Plus is currently in the process of submitting for FDA approval for a nitric oxide delivery system which is a fixed hospital unit. Nu-Med Plus’s technology is designed to be utilized for a variety of inhaled nitric oxide treatments. Inhaled nitric oxide has been proven to stabilize blood pressure, open airways, fight infections and blood clots, combat aging and treat erectile dysfunction.