Beurer, Medisanté Partner on Secure Device Experience in Virtual Healthcare

By Michael Barbella, Managing Editor | 11.16.22

The firms are combining special functions in the area of ​​remote device monitoring and device logistics.

Beurer is expanding its broad portfolio with the first mobile networked health devices "powered by Medisanté" to provide patients with chronic diseases with a seamless and intuitive user experience. The products in the field of telemedicine are ready for immediate use without the need for complicated setup or additional smartphones apps are required, making it an ideal companion for older or less-technical users.

“This collaboration between Medisanté and Beurer as industry leaders in home healthcare products is a further validation of our medical IoT cloud infrastructure strategy. As healthcare providers across Europe began implementing virtual care programs for chronic conditions in the wake of the pandemic, we are working with Beurer to ensure seamless interoperability of their virtual care platforms and minimize the total cost of ownership of their devices," Medisante CEO/Co-Founder Gilles Lunzenfichter said.
Beurer relies on Medisanté's medical IoT cloud infrastructure (M+ Hub) to connect and manage the new IoT devices via a private mobile network for remote patient monitoring and decentralized clinical studies. Beurer and Medisanté combine special functions in the area of remote device monitoring (RDM) and device logistics, which B2B organizations in the healthcare sector and science can use to benefit from the minimal total cost of ownership of their devices in virtual healthcare.
Beurer and Medisanté have announced their cooperation that will enable seamless and secure IoT data collection by medical professionals and care teams in near real time, especially against the background of increasingly virtual healthcare as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As Europe's leading company for health products for blood pressure monitors, bathroom scales or supple warmth, Beurer constantly evaluates how the product portfolio can be expanded for new applications. At the latest when telemedical patient care was enormously popular in the course of the pandemic, it became apparent that telemedicine will help determine the future. The next phase of telemonitoring is expected to be characterized by remote patient monitoring (RPM) and decentralized clinical trials (DCT), where personal health devices will become the new data collection tool for care teams in their healthcare IT systems. Standards with regard to security, data protection and inclusion are also taken into account.
Medisanté received the 2019 Global Connected Health Trailblazer Award from the Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHA), a subsidiary of HIMSS, for its work on Direct2Cloud connectivity in virtual healthcare and was recognized by IoT Analytics as one of the top two most promising IoT platforms in 2020 excellent in healthcare. To bring the virtual hospital to the patients' homes, emerging IoT devices provided by healthcare providers that do not require configuration by patients are connected to the private cellular network-based global medical IoT cloud infrastructure and managed. In this way, IoT data is made available to the nursing teams "as a service" on any virtual nursing platform.
“Mobile phone-capable scales and blood pressure monitors offer older patients with chronic illnesses a smooth and safe device experience with remote monitoring," Beurer Managing Director Marco Bühler said. "To better serve the emerging market for telemedicine devices, we decided to work with Medisanté and their innovative medical IoT cloud infrastructure. We assume that new reimbursement guidelines for remote patient monitoring in countries such as Germany, France or the Netherlands will promote the acceptance of such devices in the coming years."
Medisanté is a Swiss-based global innovator in medical IoT, which is also part of the French healthcare cluster PariSanté Campus. The company enables the virtual hospital at home through global medical IoT and provides a simple and secure device experience in virtual care. Medisanté Hub (M+ Hub), the in-house global medical IoT cloud infrastructure on AWS, redefines device interoperability in virtual care and enables RDM across geographies and vendor silos. In addition, a growing number of IoT devices and gateways are connected and managed via a private and global cellular network. M+ Hub delivers medical IoT data "as a service" to care teams on a compatible third-party platform of their choice, enabling them to scale RPM or decentralized clinical trials without sacrificing security, privacy, or inclusion.