Applied Plastics’ PTFE Coating Capabilities—5Qs at Medica/CompaMed 2022

By Sean Fenske, Editor-in-Chief | 11.14.22

Through multiple means, including its online store, Applied Plastics is trying to reduce lead times for medtech makers.

It’s been quite the hiatus since attending the Medica and CompaMed trade shows in Dusseldorf, Germany. My last visit to the event was 2019, prior to all the disruption created by the COVID-19 pandemic. With renewed enthusiasm, I was anxious to get back onto the show floor to meet with those companies attending the 2022 event. In anticipation of my visit, I reached out to a number of companies to get the scoop directly from them on what they are showcasing at the event, what challenges customers have brought them, and where they see their role within the industry in aiding medical device manufacturers. With that in mind, Kyle Hedges, product manager at Applied Plastics, shared the following insights to help you determine if the firm should be a potential services partner for you in 2023 or beyond.
Sean Fenske: What technology or service are you emphasizing at Medica/CompaMed this year?
Kyle Hedges: We will be showcasing our PTFE Natural Product Solutions and its availability through our online store during CompaMed 2022. PTFE Natural is a proprietary coating application that delivers the best performing, most durable, and lubricious PTFE coated products for the interventional catheter market. The Applied Plastics Online Store makes it easily accessible to your engineering team when you need PTFE mandrels or fine wires.
Fenske: What’s the most common challenge customers inquire about and how do you address it?
Hedges: One of the most critical challenges customers across all markets share is longer lead times and product availability. The world has seen an unprecedented disruption of the supply chain and Applied Plastics has taken measures to help support our customers. We have increased our inventory of both coated and uncoated material, are working to expand our coating capabilities, and qualified additional partners to minimize the impact of longer lead times and product availability on customers’ supply chains. We continue to have very competitive lead times, varying from as little as one week to four to six weeks.
Fenske: If you could give one piece of advice to companies seeking a manufacturing partner before they make a decision, what would it be?
Hedges: Look for a company that can help you add value. When we look for a new partner, we look for companies that help us solve problems by understanding our needs and the demands we face every day. Applied Plastics strives to be more than just a PTFE coater; we want to be a solutions provider that can help you add value to your process, design, or supply chain. Delivering high quality, reliable PTFE products is what makes Applied Plastics an excellent manufacturing partner. We are very confident you will find our products meet your development and manufacturing needs.
Fenske: What are the forces driving medical device manufacturers to seek your technology/services over doing it in-house?
Hedges: In the ever-evolving competitive supply chain, companies are always looking for the best ways to get more from their limited resources. During early product development stages when R&D volumes are low, raw material suppliers often require large minimum order quantities that add unnecessary cost and inventory overhead to the project. Working with Applied Plastics allows them to leverage our expertise, speed, and quality to manage a portion of their supply chain, providing them with the ability to apply their resources to their area of expertise.
Fenske: In what ways is your company able to aid in getting a product (project) to market faster?
Hedges: Speed to market is a key attribute to the Applied Plastics customer support strategy. We carry an extensive range of both coated and uncoated inventory to allow our teams to quickly respond to engineering and supply chain needs. Through our Online Store, we can ship over 150 sizes in 24 hours. We also support our customers with responsive sales, customer service, and engineering resources to help navigate their unique design needs to minimize unnecessary delays.
Applied Plastics is located at Medica/Compamed in the USA Pavilion, Hall 8B, Booth/Stand F20-1.