An App-solute Symphony of Digital Health Solutions

By Sam Brusco, Associate Editor | 11.20.19

Thirteen entrepreneurs competed on the Medica Connected Healthcare Forum stage for cash prizes.

For the eighth time, the Medica App Competition presented innovative app-based medical solutions in 2019–powered by Medica partners BayerG4A and Roche. The objective of the competition is to promote the development of innovations that can be used in the daily routine by patients, doctors, and hospitals.
13 finalists selected by an international jury from more than 100 entries presented their app-based solutions in a live pitch on Tuesday, November 19th to an audience of international experts from the healthcare industry and potential partners and customers. Each finalist was challenged to describe their digital health solution's business case, explain how the technology works, and prove its benefit to the healthcare market in three minutes. 

The judges presiding over the live pitches included:

  • Dr. Caroline Fichtner, senior investment manager at High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF)
  • Oliver Gassner, head of G4A digital health intelligence at Bayer G4A
  • Matthias Zach, program lead startup Creasphere at Roche Diagnostics
The winners will achieve awareness at a global level, and receive support from Medica’s profound network of medtech companies, researchers, investors, and partners from about 170 countries.

3rd place: midge medical

Laura Henrich, midge medical's chief marketing officer presents her pitch.

Berlin-based midge medical's device aims to simplify blood extracting and testing so both professionals and consumers can use it. The product consists of a bottlecap-sized disposable blood collection device and an intelligent diagnostic app. The "mobile mini lab" takes a drop of blood, tests it, and displays the result in a few minutes. The result is then read out via the app for diagnosis. Specifically, it checks CRP level in the blood to determine whether a disease is bacterial. Other test parameters under development include pulmonary embolism, thrombosis, myocardial infarction, malaria, HIV, and Ebola.

midge medical was awarded 500 Euros for third prize.

2nd place: DeePathology

Chen Sagiv,'s co-founder and CEO presents her pitch.

Ra'anana, Israel-based DeePathology's DeePathology STUDIO assists pathologists and researchers in creating their own AI solutions for digital pathology quantification tasks like counting cells and different objects and segmenting tumor regions. It's powerful annotation tools combined with deep learning, active learning, and online learning algorithms allow less time to be spent of annotations while generating sufficient results. It's already used globally to create safe quanitification solutions for neuropathology and skin biopsies. It also features a specific application for detecting oft-missed H. Pylori bacteria in gastric biopsies.

DeePathology was awarded 1,000 Euros for second place.

1st place: SynPhNe

SynPhNe's managing director, Subhasis Banerji presents his pitch.

Singapore-based SynPhNe (an abbreviation for Synergistic Physio Neuro platform) offers a technology to facilitate the coupling and attention of muscle coordination in real-time, enhancing the positive effects of neuroplasticity. The device reads electrical activity in the brain, heart, and musculature via devices worn on the head and/or wrists to make patients aware of changes occurring in the body and help them self-correct movement. Those signals can be analyzed to predict pathways to ill health and disease, and empower recovery from disability and chronic disease. SynPhNe is built around an IoT platform as well to share information with healthcare professionals and offer personalized insights into recovery.

SynPhNe was awarded 2,000 Euros for first prize.

Congratulations to the winners, and we look forward to next year's competition!

From left to right: competition winners Laura Henrich (midge medical), Subhasis Banerji (SynPhNe), and Chen Sagiv (DeePathology).