Digital Health App-ortunities Abound at Medica

By Sam Brusco, Associate Editor | 11.14.17

Medica's 6th annual app competition challenges 15 finalists to pitch digital health solutions in front of an expert jury.

Medica will once again play host to the annual live competition for the champion app-based medical mobile solution in 2017. The Medica App Competition 2017 will feature apps for use in the daily routine of a patient, doctor, or hospital hosted in the seventh session of the Medical Connected Healthcare Forum, to be held on Nov. 15.
Developers from all around the globe submitted their apps from May 15 to Sept. 30. The submissions were pre-selected by a Medica expert team consisting of:
  • Ashish Atreja, chief innovation and engagement officer at Mount Sinai New York
  • Dr. med. Urs-Vito Albrecht deputy director of Hannover Medical Highschool, Peter L. Reichertz Institute for Medical Informatics
  • Dr. Jesus del Valle, head of Bayer Grants4Apps Accelerator, Bayer HealthCare
  • Harsha Jagasia, COO, Startupbootcamp Digital Health
  • Ralf-Gordon Jahns, managing director of research2guidance
  • Maren Lesche, startup advisor and communications manager, VoiceItt, European Innovation Hub
  • Muthu Singaram,CEO, Incubator, Healthcare Technology Innovation Centre (HTIC), Indien Institute of Technology (ITT)
  • Dr. Klaus Stöckemann, co-founder and managing partner of Peppermint VenturePartners GmbH 
  • Mirko Whitfield, head of business development EMEA & Asia, SXSW
  • Tjaša Zajc digital health journalist, strategic healthcare partnerships and healthcare communications manager, Iryo
The pitches will happen live on the Medica Connected Healthcare Forum stage in hall 15 from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Each team will have three minutes to pitch their medical app, with another two minutes reserved for the jury to pose questions.
The winner of the competition will be awarded €2,000, a one month free working space at Bayer Pharma Headquarters in Berlin, two SXSW 2018 interactive badge registrations valued at $1,325, and one exclusive ticket for the SBC Masterclass in Berlin during the next SBC Health Program.
First runner-up will claim €1,000, 90 minutes of mentoring by the G4A team, and a dinner with a SBC mentor in Berlin, Germany.
The third place contestant will receive €500, 10 minutes of stage time on the next STEM4 Health meetup in Berlin, and one hour of SBC Online Mentor Office Hours.
Some of the more intriguing medical device-related apps include:
Air Smart Spirometer: Developed by the Swedish firm NuvoAir AB, this app measures lung health in seconds using a professional spirometer that can be connected to the user’s smartphone. It measures lung capacity and shares the results with a physician, monitoring how lung health develops over time.

Cupris: Developed by the London firm of the same name, this app captures clinical images of a patient’s eardrum via a smartphone-connected otoscope. Patients can fill out their history and securely share with a health specialist to receive a diagnosis without seeing a doctor in person.

Kaia: The Munich, Germany-based firm Kaia Health Software GmbH has developed the first holistic digital back pain therapy with a personalized mind-body program. Individuals can train flexibly and efficiently for 15 minutes a day with multimodal exercises, reducing pain naturally without drugs or unnecessary procedures. a retrospective study showed an average reduction of pain levels by 43 percent within the first 20 days.

Thinklabs Wave: Developed by Quebec firm Thinklabs, this app allows clinical, educational, and research features for auscultation. The Thinklabs One digital stethoscope captures body sounds that can then be displayed, recorded, edited, labelled, transmitted live, and shared and uploaded to cloud storage. Clinical applications include diagnosis, bedside teaching, telemedicine, and building signal libraries for machine learning.

More information about other finalists can be found here.