5 Questions from the Booth: Scapa Healthcare

By MPO Staff | 11.12.17

Strategic outsource partner offers turn-key, skin friendly adhesive solutions to the healthcare industry.

The editorial team of Medical Product Outsourcing reached out to several companies who were exhibiting at Medica or Compamed in case you’re unable to see them at the event or are not headed to Germany this year. Review the following questions we served up to Mike Muchin, VP of product development of Scapa Healthcare and see if the company is a potential manufacturing partner for you.

MPO: What technology or service are you emphasizing at Medica this year?
Mike Muchin: Scapa Healthcare, a trusted strategic outsource partner of turn-key skin friendly adhesive solutions, will introduce its new ultra-flexible Scapa Soft-Pro Silicone Gel 6058 at MEDICA. The Silicone Gel 6058 is the most flexible silicone in Scapa’s product portfolio. It is highly conformable and contours to challenging anatomical areas. Its gentle adhesion properties offer secure fixation, repositionability, and minimal discomfort upon removal. The tri-laminate construction is suitable for conversion into fixation devices for advanced wound care, sensitive skin applications and med devices. Silicone Gel 6058 is available with standard coating or perforated at 2.8 mm or 1.6 mm.
MPO: What’s the most common challenge customers inquire about and how do you address it?
Muchin: Our customers are faced with pressure to efficiently deliver high quality, innovative products in a short period of time. There are two ways for them to achieve this: internally, they can heavily invest in differentiating technologies and infrastructure, or they can rely on outsource companies to deliver innovation. Customers struggle with the ability to have in-house capabilities in all areas including manufacturing, regulatory, and technical expertise. With over 20 years of experience in healthcare industry, Scapa Healthcare has established itself as a trusted strategic outsource partner for leading global healthcare companies. 
MPO: If you could give one piece of advice to companies seeking a manufacturing partner before they make a decision, what would it be?
Muchin: Considering the complexity of the healthcare system, it is difficult for companies to have in-house expertise in every single field. Outsource companies can offer a high level of expertise to expedite the development process and deliver innovative products to market. A strategic outsource partner should be seen not only as an extension of their own manufacturing operation, but also a part of their R&D team to enhance their development capabilities.
MPO: What are the forces driving medical device manufacturers to seek your technology/services over doing it in-house?
Muchin: Large healthcare companies, particularly publically traded, face significant pressure to deliver consistent high results. One way to achieve this is by keeping investment costs low and freeing up resources. Healthcare companies want to focus their resources on their strengths—supply chain, marketing, and commercialization. Outsource partners are more efficient in the design, development, and manufacturing areas. By focusing on each party’s strengths, outsource companies can complement leading healthcare brands resulting in a mutually beneficial relationship, not only for both parties, but the healthcare industry as a whole.
Scapa Healthcare has multiple R&D centers of excellence and production sites throughout the United States and Europe that allow us to offer single source, dual supply to our partners. Our facilities are ISO-certified and FDA registered with environmentally controlled rooms for full-scale production of finished goods. Our partners can rely on our turn-key solutions and experts to design, develop and deliver the innovative products that can differentiate them in the marketplace.
MPO: In what ways is your company able to aid in getting a product (project) to market faster?
Muchin: Scapa Healthcare has invested heavily to expand its capabilities to be able to offer global turn-key solutions to its partners. Our highly qualified teams manage the entire design, development, and manufacturing process, including regulatory and logistic services. Combing our streamlined processes with dedicated project teams, Scapa Healthcare can deliver innovative products to market faster. Our ultimate goal is to enhance our partners’ competitive position in the market.

If you're interested in following up with Scapa Healthcare at the event, you’ll find them at hall/booth 6/H48.