MediPurpose Showcases Anzen Safety Scalpel at Medica

By MediPurpose | 11.16.16

Company welcomes distributor and end-user feedback.

MediPurpose, a provider of safety solutions for the healthcare market, has announced that it will showcase its new, innovative safety scalpel, Anzen, at the Medica Trade Fair, taking place in Dusseldorf, Germany November 14–16, 2016.
Medica is the world’s leading tradeshow for the medical industry. MediPurpose invites conference attendees to its booth, 16C20-4, to test and provide feedback on the Anzen scalpel, which will be available for purchase in 2017.
According to the CDC, about 385,000 sharps-related injuries occur annually among hospital- based healthcare personnel, which equals an average of 1,000 sharps injuries per day. The operating room is the second most common place for sharps injuries to occur, accounting for 27 percent of injuries.  
With Anzen, which is currently in development, MediPurpose aims to create safer operating rooms with fewer sharps incidents from scalpels and decrease workplace injuries. Anzen will be the first safety scalpel to provide needed safety features without compromising the ease of use and feel surgeons require. The scalpel features a reusable metal handle that will provide surgeons with the weight, balance and control they are used to as well as a protected blade cartridge that is easy to attach and detach, making sharps injury prevention easy and convenient.
“Anzen’s innovative design mimics the weight and feel of a standard scalpel, but has the features needed to help protect healthcare workers from sharps injuries. Mirroring the weight and feel was critical as we wanted to create a scalpel that surgeons could seamlessly transition to,” said Patrick Yi, founder and CEO of MediPurpose. “The best way to perfect Anzen is through feedback from surgeons themselves. Medica provides an excellent opportunity for our production team to tap distributors and end-users to test Anzen and offer their valuable feedback as we prepare for our clinical trials.”
Throughout the conference, attendees are invited to visit the MediPurpose booth, 16C20-4, for a chance to learn more about Anzen and provide feedback on the Anzen safety scalpel prototype in its current state. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to answer a brief survey to share their thoughts on sharps safety and safety scalpels.  

Get more information about the scapel in the following video: