Evena Medical Launches Enhanced Augmented Reality Glasses Platform

By Evena Medical | 11.14.16

Eyes-On AR Glasses 4.0 features patented wearable ultrasound for deep tissue vascular imaging.

Evena Medical, a leader in the development of high-quality, high-definition imaging for fast, accurate and precise bedside imaging, is introducing its enhanced Eyes-On Clinical AR Glasses 4.0, offering clinicians the most advanced FDA-quality augmented reality (AR) platform for medical use.
Featuring a patent-pending design incorporating MultiSpectral Light imaging and wireless connectivity, Evena’s Eyes-On system delivers clear, anatomically accurate, real-time bedside imaging in a wearable, easy-to-use, hands-free and cart-free system. With the Eyes-On Glasses 4.0 platform, Evena’s DeepVu ultrasound can be deployed for viewing deep tissue vascular images such as the femoral vein and artery. AR capabilities are also available on the new platform, enabling views of real-time patient data or digital overlays during medical training.
The new platform is powered by the Lumus Optical Engine, an industry-leading smart glasses display technology offering a crystal-clear, see-through view of the physical environment, a wide field of view, daylight readable brightness, and true color for AR applications. 
Other enhancements to the Eyes-On Glasses 4.0 platform include a lightweight form factor with the ability to easily insert headrests, corrective lenses and other modular components for individual needs—especially important when sharing among staff. In addition, the platform is capable of supporting pupil tracking for more precisely focusing on an image in a desired area.
“The Eyes-On 4.0 system offers medical professionals the first complete clinical augmented reality platform available today, offering large, clinically useful images for adult primary care, pediatrics, emergency medical care and other medical specialties,” said Frank Ball, Evena Medical’s CEO. “With Evena’s DeepVu ultrasound, clinicians can now visualize veins, organs and other tissue deep beneath the skin with superior, real-time imaging in front of their eyes with simple, hands-free operation.”
Eyes-On Clinical AR Glasses utilizes Evena’s proprietary technologies to attain super high-quality images and AR without the image latency problems encountered on consumer-grade smart glasses during real-world imaging procedures. In addition to its unique “situational awareness” capabilities, the Eyes-On platform is one of the first healthcare applications of smart glasses commercially available on a global scale—developed for clinicians, by clinicians.
“Venipuncture is the most common invasive medical procedure, yet studies have shown that up to 40 percent of IV starts require multiple attempts to locate and access a vein, which not only wastes valuable nursing time but also delays therapy and causes patient discomfort and dissatisfaction,” added Ball. “With Evena’s bedside imaging AR platform, doctors/nurse/medics can quickly and easily locate and access the best veins for each patient – even in challenging clinical environments such as pediatric or neonatal units.” 
With a more aesthetic, ergonomic industrial design, additional features of the Eyes-On platform include slots at the back of the frames for placing counterweights or a retractable belt for a snugger fit, as well as a redesigned controller/beltpack. The Eyes-On platform can be wirelessly connected via WiFi, Bluetooth or LGE for real-time viewing of patient data.
Evena’s rapid expansion means they are enrolling distributors as well as affiliate/evangelists in markets around the world. Evena’s Affiliate Program is designed to reward evangelists who normally advocate new technologies within their hospital/organizations—fast, easy training is available online. Sign up at booth 15A23 during Medica, or through Evena’s website.