GE Healthcare’s Chief Digital Officer’s 2022 Predictions

GE Healthcare’s Chief Digital Officer’s 2022 Predictions

MPO's Sean Fenske speaks with Amit Phadnis of GE Healthcare shares his predictions on healthcare technology and the changes it will cause.

By Sean Fenske, Editor-in-Chief01.13.22
In this episode of Medtech Matters, a podcast focused on the medical device manufacturing industry and the factors impacting it, we speak with Amit Phadnis, chief digital officer at GE Healthcare. He makes several predictions for the new year about how technology will impact the delivery of healthcare. Topics of discussion include the reduction of burnout among healthcare workers, continued integration and understanding of AI, reduction of healthcare inequalities, acceleration of telehealth, and other related areas. Specifically, the following questions are addressed.

  • You have a number of predictions for 2022 that I’d like to explore. Let’s start with a continued emergence of innovations to reduce burnout. Why are these important and do you have examples of some more recent ones?
  • Talk to me about physicians become more particular about AI. Are they overwhelmed or beginning to recognize what’s valuable and what’s not?
  • Another prediction you have is that technology will help the workforce reduce healthcare inequalities. What does that mean?
  • The pandemic resulted in an incredible acceleration of telehealth. How will we grow from that and find the real value play for it?
  • You say that precision health will revolutionize healthcare delivery. What does that mean specifically?
  • In what other ways do you see AI and other advanced medical technologies making an impact in 2022?

Listen to this episode and see what you think of Phadnis’ predictions of healthcare and technology in 2022. If you’d like to share thoughts, ask questions, or suggest a future participant for Medtech Matters, please reach out to me at sfenske@rodmanmedia.com.

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