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  • Accelerated time-to-market keeps critical launch on track

    Challenge The market need was strong, the timing tight and the challenge steep: A large OEM set out to address the demand for real-time glucose management for critical care patients. Timing for the product launch was critical—and tight. But…
    Case Studies Released on 02.25.2020

  • Tall order, high stakes

    Challenge A fast-growing medical device company aiming to be a global leader in minimally invasive spinal therapies asked Donatelle for design assistance in improving an existing device. The product, a bone cement mix and transfer system, had a hi…
    Case Studies Released on 02.25.2020

  • From development to deployment in six months flat

    Challenge In today’s medical device marketplace, timing is everything. So when a company needed to develop and manufacture a surgical device that would improve ease of use over existing models and eliminate failure modes—and needed deliv…
    Case Studies Released on 02.25.2020

  • Full product line, tight timeline

    Challenge Developing a new medical device, especially a long-term implant, is never easy. But bringing an entire metal implant line of over a hundred parts to market raises the difficulty factor to a whole new level. That was the challenge a growi…
    Case Studies Released on 02.25.2020

  • Vertical integration adds value — and viability

    Challenge A medical device OEM came to Donatelle with a problem. One of their products, a device used for rapid sternal access in the administration of medications, was occasionally failing during training—a serious issue in the emergency si…
    Case Studies Released on 02.25.2020

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