• Work Worth Doing

    Respondents to MPO’s annual salary survey are experienced, well-paid and claim to be satisfied with their jobs, but there’s underlying nervousness about the state of the industry.
    Chris Delporte, Editor 10.17.13

  • Holding Pattern

    Job security is high among medtech professionals, but salaries remain flat.
    Michael Barbella, Managing Editor 10.08.12

  • Cautious Optimism Reigns

    Medtech professionals report growth in the industry, but remain uncertain about what the future may hold.
    Christopher Delporte 11.08.10

  • Trends in Drug Delivery

    Drug delivery devices are a critical component in the distribution of healthcare. Ideally, drug delivery devices should be biocompatible, inert, inexpensive, safe from accidental release, easy to manufacture and sterilize, and mechanically strong. If…
    Maria Shepherd, President and Founder, Medi-Vantage 11.08.16

  • Trends in Medtech Solutions and Services

    For those of us in the medtech space, the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Model1 (CJR) is a sneak preview of what CMS has in store for all of us. CMS has developed this model to provide improved and efficient care for Medicare beneficiaries…
    Maria Shepherd, President and Founder, Medi-Vantage 10.12.16

  • Personalized Cancer Care and Liquid Biopsy for Breast Cancer Monitoring

    It is the fear that strikes all women. Approximately one in eight American females will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime.1 According to, an estimated 247,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be d…
    Maria Shepherd , Medi-Vantage 07.20.16

  • Medtech Risk-Sharing, Services, and the Volume-to-Value Paradigm Shift

    Big medical device manufacturers are highly motivated to discover new, innovative services that increase their value proposition globally to hospitals and healthcare providers. As more hospitals contract with fewer vendors, providing a high-value ser…
    Maria Shepherd, Medi-Vantage 05.06.16

  • Strategic Partnerships: Funding Source or Target for the Medtech Entrepreneur?

    Big medical device manufacturers are highly motivated to discover new, innovative products, platforms, and technologies to bring to market. At the 2015 Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) meeting in Boston, Mass., medtech strategic partners fro…
    Maria Shepherd , Medi-Vantage 04.06.16