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CIRTEC Unveils New Platform for Neuromodulation Devices

February 5, 2014

The technology is designed to give medical device companies a head start.

Los Gatos, Calif.-based CIRTEC Medical Systems, an outsourcing partner for the medical device industry, has released VersaSTIM, which the company claims is a platform that will “dramatically accelerate” device development for medical device manufacturers working on neuromodulation therapies.

Neuromodultion devices work by delivering electrical signals to the nervous system to treat a wide variety of indications. They can be used to treat spinal pain, reverse hearing loss, restore vision, prevent strokes, and manage tremors. Research is underway for devices that can treat Alzheimer’s disease, sleep disorders, arthritis and more. It is a promising field of research and development, one with the potential for breakthrough new therapies.

“CIRTEC’s new VersaSTIM neuromodulation platform features unprecedented power and flexibility,” said CEO Peter Howard. “It will give start-ups and large companies alike a huge head start in bringing their proprietary therapies to market.”

Medical device development platforms deliver much of the preliminary design, engineering and regulatory compliance for a device in a complete package, which can help with rapid customization and commercialization by manufacturers, according to the company.

CIRTEC officials equated the process to building a house.

“It’s much like a homebuilder starting with the complete foundation, electrical and plumbing infrastructure already built and permits secured,” according to a release from the company. “The builder can create his or her dream house on top of this platform more quickly than if starting from scratch.”

The VersaSTIM neuromodulation platform is a fully configurable mechanical package. Key features include: four channels; 32 electrodes; frequency up to 10,000 Hz; remote transcutaneous charging; multiple pulse modes (burst, ramp up, ramp down, etc.); flexible programming; and compatible with CIRTEC’s off-the-shelf hermetic packages.

The company claims these features make it ideal for “early stage researchers unsure of what parameters or programs will ultimately be required to produce the desired outcomes. The flexibility of the platform makes it possible to test multiple options and can help jumpstart the process when creating complex therapies that can’t be fulfilled by existing platforms without extensive customization.”

CIRTEC has provided outsourced design, development and manufacturing services for the medical device industry for more than 25 years. The company specializes in manufacturing solutions for active and passive implantable devices as well as minimally invasive surgical, diagnostic and delivery systems.
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