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Trumpf Medical Systems Receives Quality ISO

Published December 11, 2012
Trumpf Medical Systems (TMS), a Charleston, S.C.-based provider of LED surgical lights, has received the ISO 13485 certification, recognition that the company demonstrates comprehensive quality management systems suitable for manufacturing medical devices.

“To be truly competitive in today’s market, a company must have a quality system governing all phases of its business operations,” said Andy Reding, president and CEO of TMS. “ISO certification independently confirms that such systems are in place here at Trumpf. It also speaks to our commitment to keep the bar high, as we strive for continuous improvement in everything we do.”

Lindsey Ronnenberg, manager of parent company Trumpf Group’s quality and regulatory affairs, echoed the sentiment, saying the decision to pursue the optional third-party accredited certification is consistent with the Trumpf Group’s expectation of its manufacturing facilities and its overall commitment to quality.

TMS’ location in Charleston was revamped in 2009, and now houses headquarter operations and manufacturing under one roof. Its product lines include: iLED and TruLight, LED surgical and procedure lights; Equipment management systems, commonly known as “booms,” designed to improved safety and efficiency in the operating room, intensive care units, and trauma and emergency rooms; and TruSystem surgical tables, including mobile and system versions that feature exchangeable tabletops, as well as patient and equipment transport solutions.

The Charleston facility is also home to the Trumpf Design and Innovation Center, which provides clinicians, biomed engineers and administrators a hands-on opportunity to evaluate the company’s products.

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