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Spectronics Saves Space With UV Transilluminator

Published November 5, 2012
Spectronics Corp. began offering an ultra-slim ultra violet (UV) transilluminator in October. The transilluminator is touted to save a lot of space due to its small size—it’s about the size of an average laptop, measuring 11.5 by 14 by 2.2 inches (29.2 by 35.6 by 5.7 cm).

According to the company, the Slimline UV transilluminator delivers a typical peak 312 nm intensity of 9,000 mW per cm2 at the filter surface, and is reportedly ideal for visualization and photo-documentation of mini gels. The device includes a slight diffusing screen with contoured tubes that Spectronics claims eliminates confusing light striations. Slimline’s filter glass inhibits solarization a reported 50 times longer than other existing transilluminators, which extends the filter life as well as provides greater brightnesss during use. The device also features a hinged UV-blocking cover, designed to protect users from UV radiation and shield the glass filter from damage caused by objects dropping on it.

The Slimline UV transilluminator is designed for minimal photo-bleaching, photo-nicking, and photo-dimerization by eliminating transmission of harmful 254 nm radiation. According to Spectronics, samples last much longer, so analysis is faster and easier.

Spectronics is based in Westbury, N.Y., and produces ultraviolet equipment and fluorescent materials.

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