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Styron Adds to its Stable of Polycarbonate Resins

February 15, 2012

Firm also celebrates 25 years of its Calibre line of products.

Styron Corp., a manufacturer of plastics, latex and rubber, has unveiled two new additions to its line of polycarbonate resins.

The first is the Calibre Megarad 2091 a next-generation material for single-use medical devices requiring gamma or electron-beam irradiation. The second is Emerge PC/PET 9500 CR advanced resins for improved chemical and ignition resistance blend for powered medical equipment housings.

The company is offering bag quantity samples of these grades to customers through its new Medical Grade Stock Sample Program.

Single-use medical devices often require gamma or electron-beam sterilization. Calibre Megarad 2091 use patented color-compensation technology to improve in color recovery timing following irradiation, according to the company. This allows manufacturers to reduce inventory hold time and introduce products for functional use 10 to 21 days sooner than with current radiation-stabilized polycarbonate. The material also allows sterilization facilities to consider an oxygen-free environment, which creates unique product differentiation for the customer while managing final color expectations. Styron also offers a portfolio of Calibre polycarbonate resins for multiple-use medical devices.

Powered medical devices require housing materials that are chemical and ignition-resistant. Emerge PC/PET 9500 CR is an advanced polycarbonate polyethylene terephthalate blend that balances these properties and protects the electrical components of equipment from chemical attacks. The product is designed to provide resistance to chemicals that can attack plastic surfaces, which often lead to crazing, cracking, and eventual product failure. This extends the functionality, reliability and lifecycle of medical equipment.

Available in natural and custom color options, both lines of resins have a UL 94 rating of V0 @ 2.0 mm.

“One of our most important differences as a supplier is our service model,” said Martin Lindway, global marketing manager. “Styron is of the right scale for those Medical OEMs and molders who prefer a level of personalized and strategic support to help them differentiate their products while remaining focused on the compliancy requirements that are so important in this industry.”

Styron, based in Berwyn, Pa., generated approximately $5 billion in revenue in 2010 and has 20 manufacturing sites around the world. The company employs more than 2,100 people.

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