• The Tax that Wouldn’t Die

    The Tax that Wouldn’t Die

    With the recent “pull back” of the Republican healthcare replacement plan, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) doesn’t appear to be on its way out as quickly as some anticipated. While those who keep their coverage as a result may be plea…
    Sean Fenske, Editor 04.03.17

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    In Pursuit of Device Safety or a Call for Whistleblowers?

    In Pursuit of Device Safety or a Call for Whistleblowers?

    Late last year, Jeffrey Shuren, M.D., J.D., the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) director of the Center for Devices and Radiological Health, penned a blog for the FDA Voice (http://bit.ly/mpo031750) regarding the coordination between t…
    Sean Fenske, Editor 03.07.17

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    New Year’s Resolutions for Industry

    New Year’s Resolutions for Industry

    If you’re like me, you balk at making any resolutions at the start of a new year. If you want to make a change to yourself, make it; don’t be held hostage by the date on your calendar. That aside, for the medtech industry as a whole, ther…
    Sean Fenske, Editor 01.30.17

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    Lessons Learned

    Lessons Learned

    In a short time, we’ll close out 2016, a year that’s seen change in the medical device industry. Fortunately overall, I’d say there have been more positives than negatives, but there’s still work to be done. The device tax, al…
    Sean Fenske, Editor 11.08.16

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    Hacking Medtech: Not a Question of When, but Who Will Be First?

    Hacking Medtech: Not a Question of When, but Who Will Be First?

    Well, it’s happened yet again. I’m not referring to another acquisition (although there were a few of those recently that you’ll find in Top of the News). Rather, I’m speaking of a cybersecurity concern that was much ado about…
    Sean Fenske, Editor 10.12.16

  • Capitalism and Healthcare Make for Strange Bedfellows

    Capitalism and Healthcare Make for Strange Bedfellows

    Perhaps “strange” isn’t the right word; “inconvenient” bedfellows might be better. Either way, it expresses the intended idea. That is, the goal of capitalism is not always congruent with the idealized goals of healthcar…
    Sean Fenske, Editor 09.08.16

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    Trends at the Top

    Trends at the Top

    Having been an editor covering this industry prior to my arrival at MPO, I was already familiar with the annual Top 30 report. The issue left me with mixed opinions each year when it would come out. I recognized it as an impressive assessment of the…
    Sean Fenske, Editor 07.20.16

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    Tweeting About Clinical Trials

    Tweeting About Clinical Trials

    Social media is no longer a “shiny, new toy,” but an established communication vehicle that industries can use effectively for a variety of purposes. While we in the publishing industry utilize it to promote articles, breaking news, or an…
    Sean Fenske, Editor 06.09.16

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    Medtech Innovations Originating in…Utah?

    Medtech Innovations Originating in…Utah?

    The medical device industry has prominent regional hubs where the sector recognizes an area as a “hot spot” for development and manufacturing. Massachusetts, southern California, and Minnesota are arguably three of the most notable in the…
    Sean Fenske, Editor 05.06.16

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    Crowdfunding for Medtech

    Crowdfunding for Medtech

    Most everyone has the dream of coming up with the million dollar idea that will make them rich, allowing them to leave their job and move to a Caribbean island. Unfortunately, having the dream is significantly easier than generating the idea. On the…
    Sean Fenske, Editor 04.06.16

  • Advertising Hypocrisy?

    Advertising Hypocrisy?

    It’s almost impossible to watch a television program without seeing an advertisement for a pharmaceutical product. There are direct-to-consumer ads for drug brands proliferating on television, in magazines, online, and across billboards and bus…
    Sean Fenske, Editor 03.10.16

  • New Year, New Beginning, New Tax Changes

    New Year, New Beginning, New Tax Changes

    With the start of a new year, many look to make changes that they strive toward accomplishing throughout the subsequent 365 days. It might be losing a few pounds, watching less television, or spending more time with family. Whatever “resolution…
    Sean Fenske, Editor 02.03.16

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    Looking Ahead

    Some years are more transformative than others. In all likelihood, 2015 will be remembered as one of the most metamorphic in recent memory. At least in the medical device sector. As the year draws quickly to a close, industry pundits, consultants a…

  • Charting a Course

    Who doesn’t like to know where they’re going—to have guidance, a sense of the best direction to take, some inside information before setting out on a life change or prior to planning for the next big professional step? Variety may b…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 10.14.15

  • The End—a Good Place to Start

    In the life of a medical device, the information gathered after a product has been approved or cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is just as important as the data gathered to support the device’s premarket submission to the…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 09.09.15

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    Success Factors

    How is success measured? How’s that for a broad topic for discussion? Let’s narrow it down a bit. How is success in business evaluated? A little more focused, but still a wide-open question. Is it by profit? That’s certainly one eas…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 07.29.15

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    Reducing Post-Op Pain—A Device Opportunity?

    We’re accustomed to clinical information, studies and patient data compiled by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons that often serve to guide manufacturers’ decision making about product design, regulatory compliance issues or mar…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 06.02.15

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    Medtech Firms in Asia Have New Muscle

    When medical device companies look for new areas of market growth, most heads turn eastward. It’s no surprise to any reader of Medical Product Outsourcing that the Asia-Pacific region is poised to provide increasing opportunity to medical techn…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 05.06.15

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    The Interwebs of Stuff

    Whether we realize it or not, we’re surrounded and impacted on a constant basis by the “Internet of Things” (IoT)—a network of physical objects—everything from sidewalks to pacemakers—embedded with electronics, sof…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 04.08.15

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    An Agenda for Innovation

    At the beginning of the year, the powers that be at the Washington, D.C.-based Advanced Medical Technology Association (commonly called AdvaMed)—the medical device industry’s largest advocacy group—invite medtech reporters to the gr…
    Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director 03.11.15