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    Operating Devices with an Off-the-Shelf Solution

    Operating Devices with an Off-the-Shelf Solution

    RoweBots provides a complete device software system that addresses security, connectivity, and compatibility.
    Online Exclusives Sean Fenske, Editor 12.12.17

  • Autocam Medical

    Autocam Medical

    As a contract manufacturer, Autocam Medical partners with leading medical OEMs to provide superior quality drill bits, drivers, taps, bone plates, and screws. Our decades of DFM and lean-manufacturing experience in CNC milling, turning, mill/turn and…
    Erica Avram, Marketing Coordinator 12.12.17

  • Software & IT
    Your Device Is Only as Good as Its Product Dossier: 4 Management Tips

    Your Device Is Only as Good as Its Product Dossier: 4 Management Tips

    Automated software solutions can aid in maintaining a better handle on worldwide product regulatory submissions.
    Online Exclusives Alex Butler, Medical Device Solutions Manager, MasterControl 12.11.17

  • B. Braun

    B. Braun's OEM Division, B. Braun Medical Inc.

    Drawing on a legacy of healthcare innovation spanning over 160 years, the B. Braun OEM Division offers the knowledge and capabilities to provide a wide range of products and contract manufacturing services.
    Allison Longenhagen, Marketing 12.07.17

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    PTFE Guidewire Application Process Eliminates Delamination

    PTFE Guidewire Application Process Eliminates Delamination

    Solution proven to have no PTFE delamination for 34,000,000+ guidewires.
    Online Exclusives Bruce Nesbitt, Surface Solutions Group 12.06.17

  • MPO Summit 2017: David Sheppard Explains How to Connect with Strategics

    MPO Summit 2017: David Sheppard Explains How to Connect with Strategics

    Editor Sean Fenske learns more about strategics and exit strategies from David Sheppard of MedWorld Advisors.
    Videos MPO Summit 2017

  • Phillips Precision Medicraft

    Phillips Precision Medicraft

    PPM offers advanced orthopedic implants, instrumentation and delivery systems manufacturing. By integrating continuous improvement efforts with value stream partnerships, we can adapt our business to fit our customers needs resulting in effective inv…
    Cynthia Phillps, Director of Marketing 12.06.17

  • R&D & Design
    10 Steps to a Successful Product Development Arrangement

    10 Steps to a Successful Product Development Arrangement

    When hiring a product development partner, be sure to address these critical issues during the vendor selection process.
    Online Exclusives David C. Robson, Principal, Robson Advisors 12.05.17

  • LaserStar Technologies Corporation

    Gail Farias, Communications Director 11.30.17

  • Boyd Technologies

    Boyd Technologies

    Boyd Technologies is an advanced materials and technology company operating in the medical device and life sciences market. The Company provides material sourcing, product development, and advanced manufacturing services to global OEM partners.…
    Matthew Boyd, COO 11.29.17

  • Harmac Medical Products Inc.

    Jim Laversa, Vice President, Business Development 11.28.17

  • GW Plastics Inc.

    Mark Weeks 11.28.17

  • Firstronic

    Headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, Firstronic LLC provides advanced electronics manufacturing services and optimized supply chain solutions for the electronics industry.
    Susan Mucha, President PMCI 11.27.17

  • Huron Tool & Cutter Grinding

    Huron Tool & Cutter Grinding

    Huron is recognized as the orthopedic cutting tool "go-to" company for dependable contract manufacturing. When it comes to Specialty Drills & Reamers, to Taps & Bone Screws, healthcare distributors demand the level of superior quali…
    Danielle Avena, Director of Administration 11.21.17

  • RJG Inc.

    RJG Inc.

    RJG’s injection molding process optimization technology and services are a recognized industry benchmark. From consultative training, to a diverse line of instrumentation, software, and sensors; RJG partners with the Medical Industry by helping…
    Kara Eskeli, Marketing Manager 11.20.17

  • Tegra Medical

    Tegra Medical

    An end-to-end solutions provider, Tegra Medical offers contract manufacturing, from prototyping to production of components and finished devices, full assembly, and packaging. Specialties include MIS, interventional, orthopedic, and spinal devices. M…
    Andrea Harris, Marketing 11.14.17

  • Freudenberg Medical

    Freudenberg Medical

    Freudenberg Medical is a global partner for the design, development and manufacture of innovative medical devices, components and product solutions. With 11 manufacturing operations and more than 1,500 associates worldwide, Freudenberg Medical offers…
    Holly Bruning, Marketing 11.13.17

  • Polymer Conversions Inc. - Plastics Technology Center

    Polymer Conversions Inc. - Plastics Technology Center

    Polymer Conversions specialty lies in the Full-Service Medical Contract Manufacturing, Advanced Engineering, Tooling, Clean Room and Value-Added services of Thermoplastic & Silicone products for the Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, Biomedical/Life…
    Wendy Bertsch, Wendy Bertsch 11.13.17

  • SILIKON Technologies

    SILIKON Technologies

    SILIKON Technologies is a precision Silicone Injection Molder & Full-Service Contract Manufacturer for the Medical Device, Biomedical, Pharmaceutical, Dental and Veterinary industries. We believe that completely understanding and obsessively moni…
    Wendy Bertsch, Director of Marketing 11.13.17