Last Updated Thursday, July 24 2014
MPO's Top 30 Medical Device OEMs
Prototyping for Manufacturability
Material by Nature 3DMT Partners MIM and 3-D Printing for an Efficient Approach to Medical Device Production
MPO's Top 30 Medical Device OEMs

An annual look at the medical device industry's largest players. Read More >
Prototyping for Manufacturability

The holy trinity of quality, speed and cost now easily can be preserved in the prototyping stage as manufacturers push themselves to provide proof of concept in early design stages. Read More >
Material by Nature

Researchers increasingly are turning to nature for inspiration in designing new materials. Read More >
3DMT Partners MIM and 3-D Printing for an Efficient Approach to Medical Device Production

Engineering Manager Drew Roberts discusses the cost savings and opportunities presented by 3-D printing with MPO. Read More >
Online Exclusives
Quality and Regulatory Personnel Sometimes Struggle for Cooperation
by Ranica Arrowsmith, Associate Editor
How can quality professionals get on management’s good side?

Adaptive Clinical Trials a Better Option for Medical Device Studies
by Ranica Arrowsmith, Associate Editor
Some experts—and the FDA—suggest that more carefully curated trials could yield better scientific results.

The Convergence of Medtech, IT, Big Data and Healthcare Quality: A Physician's Perspective of Change
by Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director
Robert Robbins, MD, CEO of the Texas Medical Center, is passionate about quality patient care, healthcare's changing technology landscape, and making Houston a life-science hub.

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MICROMO Presents Piezo LEGS® Linear Motor Technology
Walking Principle Piezo LEGS® Linear

PiezoMotor LR17 – Presented During MD&M West 2014
The compact LR 17 is a mere 17 mm in diameter and has all the benefits coming from the Piezo LEGS technology. The stall torque from the motor is 30 mNm, which is high compared to its small size. Because of the self-locking feature of the friction drive, the motor can hold position without consuming any power. The integrated 15 bit magnetic absolute encoder gives a closed loop resolution of 0.2 milli-radians (0.01º).

MICROMO Presents Piezo Motor Technology
MICROMO represents PiezoMotor AB products in North America and partners closely with the PiezoMotor team to offer piezo motor solutions to the OEM market. Piezo motors are just one of many custom motion solutions offered by MICROMO.

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