Last Updated Sunday, November 23 2014
The New Role of Regulatory Affairs in Medical Device Manufacturing 3-D+ A Healthy Prognosis for the IVD Market Infographic: U.S. Medical Device Industry by the Numbers Functionality vs. Simulated-Use Testing in Device Reprocessing
The New Role of Regulatory Affairs in Medical Device Manufacturing

Today’s market realities have reshaped the role of regulatory affairs within the medical device development process. But are companies keeping pace? Read More >

In the medical device space, 3-D printing is most exciting when used in collaboration with true innovators and in agreement with traditional manufacturing. Read More >
A Healthy Prognosis for the IVD Market

Despite some headwinds, IVD’s significance in even the most basic healthcare services will drive continued progress and growth. Read More >
Functionality vs. Simulated-Use Testing in Device Reprocessing

A brief look at functionality vs. simulated-use testing for processing and reprocessing of reusable scopes and medical devices. Read More >
Online Exclusives
The Risk of Using Noncompliant Temporary Labor in Medical Device Manufacturing
by Terry Hamm, Vice President of Quality/Regulatory Affairs, GW Plastics USA
Making sure all employees—especially temporary workers—know the regulatory guidelines they must follow is essential for producing the best possible product.

Infographic: A Look at Germany's Medtech Market
by Christopher Delporte, Editorial Director, and Jessica Carlin, Art Associate
Germany's robust medical device sector is one of the many reasons the medtech world flocks to Germany for Medica and Compamed every fall.

Validating Cleanliness Taking Human Factors Into Effect
by Emily Mitzel, Alpa Patel & Nick Workman, Nelson Laboratories, Contributing Columnists
Medical device manufacturers should build in a safety margin for instructions for use to accommodate for human factors that may be out of their control.

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MICROMO Presents Piezo LEGS® Linear Motor Technology
Walking Principle Piezo LEGS® Linear

PiezoMotor LR17 – Presented During MD&M West 2014
The compact LR 17 is a mere 17 mm in diameter and has all the benefits coming from the Piezo LEGS technology. The stall torque from the motor is 30 mNm, which is high compared to its small size. Because of the self-locking feature of the friction drive, the motor can hold position without consuming any power. The integrated 15 bit magnetic absolute encoder gives a closed loop resolution of 0.2 milli-radians (0.01º).

MICROMO Presents Piezo Motor Technology
MICROMO represents PiezoMotor AB products in North America and partners closely with the PiezoMotor team to offer piezo motor solutions to the OEM market. Piezo motors are just one of many custom motion solutions offered by MICROMO.

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